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Hey, I'm Derek! I'm a multimedia artist with a knack for all things video games.

I've closely followed the video game industry for many years and have my background in multimedia design and game development. During my education at NYU, I've had the pleasure of working on both team based and solo game projects, motion capture sessions, and more.

At the start of my career, I wrote over 130 articles at, extensively covering Destiny 2. Afterwards, I worked at Keywords, bringing EA's Battlefield 2042 trailers to life. At High5Games I learned how to juggle multiple editor softwares in a professional capacity and work with rapid deadlines.

Now I'm working at Blizzard Entertainment in the game capture team. We work with all Blizzard IPs and create AAA-quality game media to support all branches that supplement our games and community.

My passion for this industry drives everything I do, and I look forward to expanding my palette by working with even more disciplines and genres across gaming.

Always happy to chat:


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